How to instantly remove regrets from life in 2023

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Regret is a negative emotion with which most people live throughout their life ,in fact 90 percent of the people ,according to a research by Saybrook University,US.This feeling of regret are not related to age .It impacts people of all age and gender. This impacts their life in many negative ways.

Regrets can be all consuming and it can destroy lives.It is exhausting and sucks all joy and fulfilment from our days and it leaves us stuck,always looking backwards and unable to move forward in our lives.My previous blog posts of success mindset or about being a leader will not hold value ir you have so many regrets in life .

Constantly ruminating on past regret can lead to symptoms such as anxiety,depression, poor self-esteem, helplessness and feeling of hopelessness.These are very negative emotions which can adversly impact the productivity of any person in personal and professional life.

So, I thought to mention 8 ways of dealing with regrets in your life.Even in Bhagvad Geeta ,Lord Krishna says that we should not keep lamenting about the past because we cannot do anything about it ,we can only be in present and plan for the future.

Forgive yourself- Usually when you take a bad decision,you are the person who is hardest on yourself .But bad decisions are an opportunity to master the art of self-forgiveness. You should forgive yourself because at the time of making the decision, you never knew that it was going to be wrong .At that point,it may have seemed correct for you.You can also visit this blog.

Forgive yourself

Accept it- First of all ,many people find it really hard to accept that it was their mistake .So, the first step is taking the responsibility and accepting that the decision was theirs.It was a different matter that it did not go as planned.Everyone makes mistakes and if someone knew that the decision would lead to regret, why would anyone take such decision in the first place.

Learn from it-Instead of regretting or feeling sorry for yourself ,you should take it as a learning experience and move on.We will have many experiences sometimes ,not good .We should not regret any decision but take it in a positive way and learn from out mistakes.

Do something to cancel the regret- If you have some qualms about not doing it in the past, you can always focus on it at present ,so that you have no regrets in future.For example if a parent could not give time to his children in the past due to some work commitment , they can be with them in present so that they have no disappointment in future.

Find other people with similar regrets- You should socialize more and share your feelings with other people.If you find many people in the same situation as you , it may comfort you and make you feel better.

Experiments are necessary-Sometimes you have to take a decision for which no results are available.You can’t predict the outcome until you do it. For example when you are joining a new office,you are not going to know what type of senior you will get and how will his behaviour be or how your performance will be .They are only assumptions at best until you actually start going to office.And if your experience is not so good, there is no point regretting it because you had no idea in the first place.The best option would be to take it as a experience and move on.

Give others a chance-You can use your regret to good use by helping others .You can use the lessons which you have learnt the hard way to stop others from making the same mistake.You can join a school or college program or use any digital channels to share your experience.

Think of friends and family-If you can’t change your habit of regret for yourself, do it for those who love you .By focusing on better things, you will be able to combat regretful thoughts and commit to new and positive ways of thinking.

So,these were the 8 ways of dealing with regrets.The reason of writing this blog about this topic was that in my previous blogs,I have focused on topics like ways to become successful, having a success mindset ,starting a business,etc. Many people for some reason or the other are not able to get on in their life and most people have regrets about some thing or the other .

They say things like “I wish I had not joined this organization ” or “I might have studied in a different college “, or “I wish I could have been married to some other partner “.These things take a toll on their mental health and they are not able to focus on working today, in the present to improve their future.

If they will not move on and change their mindset ,how will they improve in life .For this it is necessary to stop regretting the past and focus on keeping the learnings ,taking a positive approach and move on with life.So, I felt it necessary to point out the main points .

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