10 ways to realise your potential instantly

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Realising your potential is knowing your worth .Most of the people do not even know their worth .

I always wanted to know how much can I work ? In other words how much can I earn ? When I joined my college for MBA ,there was a section of HR. HR means the Human Resource department of any organization.It has great responsibilites right from interviewing a fresher to deciding how much salary he will get? It continues to how he performs in his workplace ,what are the steps through which his productivity can be improved ? It ends only when he leaves the organization .HR has this responsibilty of filtering out the resumes of thousands of person to finding the right person.And the process is same right from a person of executive position to a person of Director level position .

The best part is it can be outsourced and their are many agencies for this .The one name which I can think of is Quess Corporation .You can check out its website here https://www.quesscorp.com/ It has 2000 clients all over the world and most of the big organizations have hired them for their services.I have written a blog on how to become successful.You can read it here.https://sidworld.in/secret-formula-of-being-successful-in-2023/ You cannot become successful till you know your true potential.

I believe that many people work for a salary all their life because they don’t realise their full potential.They will always earn a salary if they provide value to their organization.And the value is always 10 times the salary offered even in best of the organizations. When I realized this it became very tough for me to work for an organization .I worked only for 1 organization for 18 months to get a first-hand experience of how a organization really works.I had the the knowledge in theory since I studied management.I wanted to get a real feel .After that I have changed many organizations but I could never stick to one even though I needed money for my expenses.

Climbing a corporate ladder takes years and many people even retire from various positions .So why put your effort in building assests for somone else.Why not work for yourself ? Who knows, maybe you will start your own company if you have the knowledge and resources.

I will list out 10 ways in which you can realise your full potential.

Self-awareness – It can be understood as you have to understand yourself and ask yourself what do you want to achieve in life ? What do you want to to become in life ? If you discover yourself, it will immensely help you in achieving your potential.For more information, you can visit this website https://dariusforoux.com/self-awareness/

Set goals- Setting goals for your life is extremely important. If you do not set goals for your life ,someone else will.It can be anyone like your friends or your teachers or your parents or your employer.After working for many years , you will still not feel happy and all the negative emotions will start setting in.Reaching your potential will become a dream. So ,it is very important to set goals, if you do not want to live a life full of regrets .For more information you can visit my previous blog .https://sidworld.in/how-to-not-have-regrets-in-life-in-2023/

Learning new skills- Learning new skills is different from the traditional school curriculum .School education and college education is also important but learning new skills along with it is equally important.And you should also improve upon your existing skills.

Examples of new skills can be like digital marketing which needs to be learnt.Digital marketing has its own importance .I have written a blog on digital marketing. You can read it here https://sidworld.in/digital-marketing-in-india/ .Writing is also a skill .If you focus on your writing skills with focus ,you can even become a writer.Many people have become millionaires by just focusing on writing and building a business around it.These additional skills will prove to be a booster in realising your full potential.

No shortcut to success-Always remember one thing that there is no shortcut to success and sometimes it may help but it will not work in the long-term .Realising your full potential is a journey that takes time and there is no shortcut to it.Always have a long term prospective and do not fall for instant gratification.

Perseverance -Perseverance is a not a simple term .It may seem simple while reading but if you search a bit ,almost all the rich people around the world have worked for day and night with consistency for years before reaching success or realising their potential. It can be also called not giving up .For example on perseverance you can visit this site. https://www.growthink.com/content/7-entrepreneurs-whose-perseverance-will-inspire-you

Let go of bitterness towards others – Many times you will feel that something that happened with you was wrong.Some person is wrong .They should not have done it with you .But ,how do you deal with it ? With revenge ? By arguing ? The correct way of dealing with such situations is just letting it go and forget about it .You cannot change the people .If you keep thinking and cribbing about it, you will forget your ultimate goal of realising your potential and being successful. Majority of the people are trapped in such situations but you don’t want to be a part of the herd mentality.Do you ?

Surround yourself with successful people- I have felt that life is like a car and you are the driver of your car.It means life will become exactly as you want it to become.It will ofcourse take time but you should not lose your primary focus and you should surround yourself with successful people or the people like whom you want to become eventually.So if you want to realise your full potential, you should surround yourself with people who have either achieved their potential or about to achieve their full potential.

Treat failures as stepping stones- After you have set goals and decided to become what you want , you will start your journey but there will be many instances where you will fail .But when you fail ,you don’t have to give reasons to anybody as to why you failed and you neither need to regret your decisions .Just treat them as stepping stones and move on .

No competetion -You don’t need to compete with anyone in life.In school you might be in competetion to get more marks than other students.You might have played sports in school where you try to defeat everyone else and become number one.But when you are living in reality ,it doesn’t work like that. In order to realize your goal of full potential or become successful in business, you need to avoid the rat-race completely and focus on your goals. This is because every person is unique in their own way and their skills are also different .You can choose your niche according to your talent and become successful in that.

Choose your mentor – If you are still confused and you are overwhelmed about where to start from ,then just choose a mentor.A mentor can be anyone who you consider your role model or the person like whom you want to become. He can guide you and mentor you in reaching your goals.In today’s world, where everyone is available at the click of a button ,it might not be as tough as it was just 10 years ago.

There can be many more ways ,but I have tried to summarize in just 10 points .Please tell in comments if you liked my article.

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