How to increase your productivity in 11 ways

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Increasing the employee’s productivity is a major challenge in most of the organizations.People in jobs are generally not so productive because they do it half-heartedly and work only for money.Today I will list out 10 ways which will help you immensely to increase your productivity.

Productivity is the lifeblood of any organization amd it will also help you immensely in being successful.I have also written a blog on how to become successful.You can read it here There are certain qualities you need to develop in yourself if you want to be good at productivity.

  1. Don’t imitate others.- Do not try to become like other people.Do not try to be in competetion because everybody is unique in their own way.You might attend a hundred speeches of motivational speakers or read about a lot many successful people but when you have to make sales or build your organization you have to take your own decision.This also might decrease your productivity at your workplace because everyone’s way of working is different.

2. Don’t procastinate– Many people want to do many things in life and have many plans in mind .But they keep on delaying things and do not take even the first step.They might have various excuses to justify themselves but it does not work that way.

You have to start somewhere and keep on improving step by step.Lord Krishna said it in Bhagwad Gita that you have to keep doing your duties with dedication without any expectation of results.This is because the guarantee of results is with the almighty and you will be definately rewarded but how much time will it take ,you cannot decide before .And people expect results even before starting or in 1 month .Nobody has the patience to wait .This is the reason why most of the businessess fail.

Even a small shop takes one or 2 years to start generating profits.Even in online world ,if you start doing business with a website with a large capital,it will still take time for the customers to build trust with you. Some of the companies like Policybazaar and Zomato are still in losses even after years in business and millions of customers.

3. Follow you passion– You must have heard from many people that you should follow your dreams.You should be passionate about your work .Why do people say that ? Is there any science to it ? I personally don’t believe anything until I am totally convinced about the idea myself .And I won’t suggest anything to anyone if I do not believe it myself.

And psychiatrists declare that most of our fatigues derive from our mental and emotional attitudes.If you are doing a job just for money and you are not passionate about it, you will soon become tired and it will affect your productivity in a negative way.

The blood pressure of the body and the consumption of oxygen actually decrease when people are bored.You can also refer this article

Boredom,resentment ,feeling of not being appreciated,anxiety ,worry are all emotional factors that exhaust the employee and reduce his productivity.I have never heard from any employee of any organization that he is satisfied from his job profile.

On the contrary ,if you enjoy your work and are passionate about it,you will not feel bored or tired even hours after working and your productivity will increase which means more recognition and more money.That’s why it is important to be passionate about your work.

4. Be grateful for what you have -About 90 % of the things in our life are correct and only 10 % are wrong .We should not focus on the 10 % ignoring the other 90 % and worry about it.It will cause more misery for us.We seldom think of what we have but always think of what we lack.

Instead we should achieve what we want and then enjoy it.I personally know many people who have cars and credit cards but when I ask them for investment in certain products ,they start ranting that they have no money to save and their expenses exceed their income.

Never lose focus of what you are doing by listening to other comments . Just be confident of your work if you feel that you are right because many times it happens that people start criticizing you for your actions even if you have done no wrong.This can affect your productivity seriously.And it might be for some other reason .So,believe in yourself and just remember that sometimes “Unjust criticism is often a disguised complement.”

5.Appreciate everyone-“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”.This desire makes you want to wear the latest styles ,have the latest phones and post it to social media.Everyone wants a feeling of importance. So you should appreciate everyone.

How do you feel in your office when your senior tells you that you have not done enough and doesn’t appreciate your work.Just read this article will decrease your productivity instead of increasing it.

But there is a difference between honest appreciation and flattering someone. You don’t have to be flattery but honest and sincere in your appreciation.

6.Understand other people prospective-We always talk about what we want and ourselves.If we start thinking from the other’s people prospective ,then we will be able to understand them more easily.The only way to influence other people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it.

It may seem that this is a very natural thing but this natural thing is not found in most of the people and if you start applying this principle ,it will greatly increase your productivity in professional and personal life. You will also be far ahead in competetion .

7.Recognizing others efforts– Philosophers have been speculating on the rules of human relationships for thousands of years and out of that speculation ,there has evolved only one important percept.Zoroaster ( ) taught it to his followers in Persia 2500 years ago. Confucious preached it in China 24 centuries ago .Laozi ( ) founder of Taoism ,taught it to his disciples in the valley of Han 25 centuries ago.Buddha preached it on the banks of Ganga 500 years before Christ.The sacred books of Hinduism taught it 1000 years before that.

The truth is that almost all the people you meet feel themselves superior to you in some way and if you are successful in making them realize that you recognize their importance ,you will surely win their hearts. And if you apply this same principle in your business or your organization ,it will surely help in increasing your productivity.

8.Avoiding conflict with others– When you talk to someone ,never say to them directly that you’re wrong because if you do so ,you have struck a direct blow at their intelligence ,judgement ,pride and self-respect.It may start an arguement but it will never change their mindset. Instead say them in a different way and also admit that you may be wrong.It will certainly help in avoiding an arguement.

This is because few people are logical .Most of us are prejudiced and biased and blighted with pre-concieved notions with jealousy,suspicion ,fear,envy and pride.And nobody wants to change their minds about religion or communism or even their favourite star or their haircut. The same principle also applies in business or your workplace .So to increase productivity in your workplace ,be sure to avoid any conflict with others.

9.Let them feel important– If you want to increase your productivity at your workplace or in business ,you have to follow this simple rule of letting the other people feel important. This means even if you know that it is your work and the other person is taking credit of it ,let them take it .Because many times this specific reason becomes the topic for an argument or confict with others.

So in order to get cooperation from other people, it becomes necessary to let them take the credit if it results in bigger advantage.

10. Personalize you talk– It also may happen that people don’t agree to you on certain points. The , you may say that you were also like them at a certain point and you had also made the same mistakes as them .If you have a child and he is not convinced on some point with you, you might explain to him that you wre also like him at some point. This way other people might get convinced with your point easily.

If you are in a senior position in an organization, you might say to your team members that at some point you were also like them and then you did so and so , which resulted in increasing your productivity and you achieved the results faster.By saying this ,they might get motivated instead of you following other methods to make them more productive.

11. Appeal to nobler motives– Many times it may happen that you are not able to convince someone. It may your wife, your boss or a client .You have said everything possible to him in order to convince him but still he has some doubts .Then you might convince him by appealing to nobler motives or relating them to a social cause .

These were the 11 ways which will surely help you to increase your productivity in your personal life as well as in your professional career.

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