6 proven ways of development in life

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Why you should bring development in life ? As you grow in life ,you keep learning new things. Learning new things is also important because new development in technology keep coming up.Just 20 years ago,internet was a new thing .Computer was expensive. Smartphones were unheard of .Today 4G is everywhere . Billion dollar companies have come up via internet and everybody is connected .Even classrooms have become smart.You should always try to develop yourself everyday in some way or the other.

There are many ways but I will list out only 6 ways in which you can develop yourself.

  • Honor your past
  • See your troubles as blessings
  • Develop your talents
  • Live fully
  • Be true to yourself
  • Start a business

Honor your past– Nobody becomes successful without failing multiple times.

When do people regret ? Almost all the time. Regret is a negative emotion about something that has happened in the past.We feel bad because because we did or didn’t do something we believe we should or shouldn’t have done. We keep regretting about some thing or the other all our lives.So ,what can we do to live a life without regrets ? Regretting will also halt your development.

I have written a blog on how to deal with regrets in life .You can visit it here https://sidworld.in/how-to-not-have-regrets-in-life-in-2023/

Every decision you take today has an impact on your future decisions.But you should stop saying that if I had known this earlier ,it should have been better.I have seen an influencer saying in his videos that “I worked for 16 years in a job in which I was not satisfied.” But it was the same job which helped him grow in life and learn many things apart from earning money.

Most of the people are not satisfied with their job profiles.They always has the option to leave the organization.But an organization also puts in a lot of effort in teaching the employees the work which they have to do. Because of which a person learns a lot of new things apart from the knowledge which they have learnt in school and college . Many times ,even after learning many things people fail in their goals or career,because their goals are not clear.

If they have their goals set and clarity in life ,they will definitely achieve what they want.

Live in present

If people start honoring their past ,they will stop regretting . You should also stop regretting because you cannot do anything about it but regretting will make matter even worse and spoil your present and even future. Instead you can use it as a stepping stone to make your future brighter.

See your troubles as blessings– Many times ,whenever we face a problem we feel depressed .But we don’t realize the fact that it also gives an opportunity to prove ourselves. I also had many problems 5 years before .But when I look back ,I realize that every situation taught me something and helped me to grow in some way or the other and because of that , I learnt many things which I would’nt have learnt if such situations had’nt happened in the first place.It also helped me in my self-development in various ways.

Why do we, as human beings, spend so much of our lives focusing on the negative aspects of our most difficult experiences rather than seeing them for what they truly are: our greatest teachers

I want to say that people learn from adverse situations and if some thing bad is happening to you ,it might be because of some of your past actions or God is preparing you for the bad situations or testing you .how you deal with such situations.So stop regretting and accept the situation in a positive way.You can also refer to this article https://www.timescolonist.com/blogs/spiritually-speaking/challenging-times-make-us-grow-4682724.This thought process will help you immensely in your development also.

Just be a positive person instead of being a negative person .You will start seeing ways which can help you in your development even in adverse situations.

Develop your talents– Development in yourself is an integral part in your success. When you join an organization or start a business,there will be many instances where you will find that you have to upskill yourself and learn new things .This may be due to new technology or for growing yourself. You need to stop thinking that you know everything .You must be ready to learn new things and help yourself in your development.

I did my MBA in 2013 but now it has very less value because there we were taught about traditional marketing like distributing brochures, phamplets and advertisement in radio and television. But today everyone is taking their business online and people who do not have an online presence ,are seeing lower sales.Today everybody is learning digital marketing and upskilling themselves in order to remain relevant. I have also written a blog on digital marketing .You can read it here https://sidworld.in/digital-marketing-in-india/.

When I decided to learn digital marketing in February 2020 I did not even know what is a blog.But now I am regularly blogging and I am getting very good responses also in the form of comments. So it is very important to stay positive and keep learning new skills which will help you in your development.

Live fully– Many people keep regretting about their past and after some time,it becomes a habit. In this process ,they don’t live their life .I have read somewhere that 90% in our life is already good.But we forget about the 90 % and keep cribbing about the 10 % . Instead we should enjoy the present moment and be careful that rather than regetting the past,we can enjoy the present so that we don’t regret later.

Live life fully

Living life fully also helps in having a happier life and also in our development. Because we taking out the negative things out of our lives and making room for the positive things.

For example some people have money issues and they start to save on small meals to save money .But while they save money, they loose out on the happiness on small occasions.Similarly some people earn a lot of money but they have no time to spend time with their family .Now even after earning money ,if they cannot spend quality time with their family ,what is the use of money or earning itself in the first place . The point is that you need to have a balanced approach and live such a life that you do not regret it later and these simple things will also help in your development.

Be true to yourself– Being true to yourself does not mean you always say truthful things to everyone.It means you are a person of integrity .For example ,in India ,many people prepare for government exams .There parents also support them.But whether a student will be able to crack the exam or not ,nobody knows better than himself.But if he knows that he will not be able to pass the exam and still he keeps on preparing for 5 years ,he is wasting his time and his parents money.

Instead, he can work on his self development and do a private job or some business to earn and not be dependent on his parents.

For more details on this topic ,you can refer to this blog https://tinybuddha.com/blog/10-signs-youre-being-true-to-yourself/

Start a business – Starting a business will help immensely in your development.This is because there is a lot of difference in doing a job and doing a business. In a salaried job ,you have less responsibility compared to a business where you have to take full responsibility of the business .Being in business teaches you a lot of things and helps in your development also which cannot be possible by doing a job.Business always keeps on compounding and the benefits start coming in later. But a salary is limited and depends on the owner .

There are definately risks involved in business but if you have good knowledge of the business and some relevant expierence ,then a salaried job is no match compared to the benefits of being a business-owner.

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