Top 5 reasons why search engine optimization is important

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“Learning Search Engine Optimization is very profitable.” ” Search Engine Optimization is very important.” “This Search Engine Optimization specialist earn in crores.” You must have heard all these terms on the internet. But what exactly is Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization is a part of digital marketing process where we optimize the content of our blog according to the parameters set by google so that the article of our website ranks in the first page of google whenever anyone searches for that Search Engine Optimized term.For digital marketing ,you can refer to my blog

Before understanding what is Search Engine Optimization , we need to know what is blogging ? Every website has a blog section where some articles are updated regularly. But first of all “What is a blog?”

Blog is an article like essay which we used to write in school. And in this digital age blogging has become important because of google and google ads. In short blogging is just another form of writing essays but in a professional manner . You can also refer to one of my post on blogging.

Google is the leading search engine in the world and whenever anyone wants to buy something, the first thing the person does is that he searches about the product on google. The article which comes on the first page catches the customer’s attention. So now ,there is a fierce competetion to rank first on the first page of google. The top 3 or 4 results are promoted, means the person who pays to google , their ad ranks on top of the first page.

The results after the paid ads are based on many factors decided by google. But google does not compromise on quality and delivers only the quality content which is most relevant to the search query. These “quality content” is decided after factoring in almost 200 parameters by google.

Google also has a crawler which crawls all the websites on the internet for relevant information. This is why people have started writing good content on their websites in hope that their article will rank on the first page of google some day. This process is also called seo or Search Engine Optimization . The seo optimized article has a better chance of ranking on the first page of google.

In fact Search Engine Optimization is a 80 billion dollar industry and is expected to reach 134 billion dollars in 2026. A major Search Engine Optimization tool called Hubspot has a market capitalization of nearly 16 billion dollars as of September 2022.

Now that we know what is Search Engine Optimization ,I will list out 5 most important reasons why your content should be SEO optimized.

  • Trustworthy – People trust organic results . If they know about SEO, they go for the organic results rather than paid ones. And if they do not know about SEO, then also google filters out the most relevant article for the search queries.
  • Cheaper source of traffic – If a person or a company wants instant traffic to their website, they need to run ad campaign on a consistent basis.
    • The advertising budget needs to be large because if the person wants results , many ads needs to be run on a continuous basis for a long duration. So they will have to spend heavily compared to organic search results .
    • The traffic coming from the organic sources will be somewhat free (if you do not include the money spent on ccontent creation), but it will take time. If you compare paid traffic verses organic traffic, organic traffic is a lot cheaper but if you want results sooner then you can go for paid ads.
  • Brand awareness – If you keep posting Search Engine Optimized article on a regular basis, it will help to create brand awareness among the users for free .People will know you better and some of them can become your followers because they like your style of writing.
    • Same brand awareness campaigns can be run of other platforms also but they are paid. You will have to pay the various platforms n which the ad will be run. But the brand awareness campaigns created from search engine optimized aricle or blogging will be free.
    • The content is also on the website for a long period of time. Once the content is published , people can revisit the page also for the content or it can come up in the search results of the search engines.
  • Personal brand – You can create your personal brand by writing search engine optimized articles on your website or other’s website. (Writing a post on other’s website is called guest publishing). This creates your personal brand over time . Like a celebrity endorses a product for money , you can be your own brand .
    • If you keep publishing articles on a regular basis for a long period and the articles starts ranking in google more readers will know you . Many influencers have created such a personal brand that they have started a company and they are running it successfully.
    • The number of readers will keep increasing over time and that will help readers to know about the author of the blog.
  • Career growth- Once you master the art of writing search engine optimized articles and ranking it in google , you can have a very bright future ahead in terms of career. You can work for a organization for a good package or become a freelance and charge according to your article’s performance.

You can also write a book and become a writer . Writing a book has its own benefits. Just yesterday ,I attended a online workshop by a reknowned author and he explained the importance of writing a book for 90 minutes and towards the end ,he was selling his mentorshiop programme for Rs.10000. I just want to say that you can have a bright career ahead only by mastering search engine optimization skills .

These were the reasons why SEO is important and along with SEO other aspects of digital marketing are also important but this is a cheaper alternative.

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