Best mutual funds in India for 2022

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   Mutual funds in India have come in the limelight in the past 7 to 8 years . It has increased after government started campaigning as Mutual fund sahi hai

I hope this post helps you in reaching your goal of financial freedom with your existing job and resources.
              The mutual fund industry in India can be understood by the fact that in US, as of 2019, there where more than 8000 mutual funds compared to 44 in India. The industry size of mutual funds in US is of 22 trillion dollars compared to 37 lakh crore in India.

It means only 15 % people invest in mutual funds. In figures, only 2 crore people invest in mutual funds. In number of agents also there are only 1.25 lakh compared to 13 lacs agents of LIC. The industry has huge scope both for job seekers and investors. New companies have entered in mutual fund like NJ Wealth, Samco Mutual Fund and Navi Mutual Fund . I am providing a list of all the mutual fund houses in India along with their websites.

       1. BOI AXA Investment Managers Private Limited
        2. Canara Robeco AMC Limited
         3. Union Asset Management Co private limited (formerly Union KBC AMC Private Limited)
          4. IDBI AMC Limited
          5. UTI Asset management limited
          6. IIFCL AMC LTD
          7. LIC MF AMC
          8. DSP MF LTD
          9. EDELWEISS AMC LTD
         10.Navi Mutual Fund
         11. SBI Mutual Fund
         12.BARODA Asset Management India Limited (formerly Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company limited)
          13.IDFC AMC LTD
          14. IL&FS INFRA AMC LTD
          15. Indiabulls AMC limited
          16. ITI AMC limited
          17. J M Financial AMC limited
          18.Kotak Mahindra AMC Limited
          19. L&T Investment Management Limited
           20. Mahindra AMC private limited
           21. Motilal Oswal AMC Limited
           22. PPFAS AMC Private Limited
           23. Quantam AMC Private Limited
           24.Sahara AMC Private Limited
           25.Shriram AMC Limited
           27. SUNDARAM AMC Limited
           28.TATA MF/
           29.TAURAS AMC Limited
           30. Whiteoak Capital AMC
           31.BNP PARIBAS AMC India Private Limited
           32.Franklin Templeton AMC Private Limited
           33. HSBC AMC India Private Limited
           34.Invesco AMC India Private Limited
           35.Mirae Asset Global Investments (India) Private Limited
           36. PGIM India AMC Private Limited
           37. Principal AMC Private Limited
           38.Aditya Birla Sun Life MF
           39.Axis AMC Limited
           40.HDFC MF
           42. NIPPON MF
           43.QUANT Money Managers Limited
           44. IIFL Asset Management Limited

45.Samco Mutual Fund

46.N J Mutual Fund

            Mutual Funds, in simple words can be understood by the returns they generate over a relatively long period of time. For example, in 1996 a scheme was launched by Aditya Birla Sun Life MF by the name of Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief ’96. If someone invested 1 lakh in this scheme, it would have become 1.52 crore over a period of 23 years. Now, how did this happen?

The simple answer is that the investment in mutual funds gives you compound interest compared to simple interest in fixed deposits. SIP is another way of investing in mutual funds.

         It means that you allocate a fixed amount like 1000 or 2000, or any amount you like to be deducted from your bank account to the mutual fund scheme on a regular basis. This is to be continued on a long term basis if you want to achieve your goal. Your goal can be anything like, early retirement, your child’s education, your daughter’s marriage, your own house, etc.
Some mutual funds also offer additional benefits like  term insurance cover in addition to your monthly investments. For example, in ICICI MF, you get insurance coverage of 100 times the amount you invest per month in SIP. For first year it is 10 times the amount, in second year,, it is 50 times. Now such service has been stopped by the fund houses.

          There are also various schemes in Mutual Funds like large cap fund, mid cap fund, small cap fund, banking fund and others. Large cap fund means the mutual fund will invest in top 100 companies by market capitalization. This has a relatively low risk and can be preferred by people of young age.
             There is also dividend income in mutual funds. The fund houses on a regular basis distributes the profits of the fund as dividends. This also adds to the fund value if it is not taken out by the investor.

In addition to the value provided by the mutual fund to the investors ,it is also a great source of income for the distributers. Since mutual funds have been in focus recently ,the number of distributors is very less compared to life insurance agents. According to the data, India has 1.18 lakh mutual fund agents till December 2021 compared to 25 lakh life insurance agents in India.

The income of mutual fund agent is more than the life insurance agent but the structure is completely different. In mutual fund , the commision keeps on increasing gradually but in insurance it start decreasing. The commision is fixed for insurance agent but it keeps on changing in mutual fund.

This is because the value of funds keeps changing according to the market conditions whereas in insurance the returns are fixed so ,commision can be determined exactly.

At present here is a list of 10 mutual fund schemes which are performing very well.

1.Nippon India Growth Fund

2. Parag Parikh Flexicap Fund

3.Aditya Birla Digital India Fund

4.Axis Bluechip Fund.

5.HDFC Flexicap Fund

6.Edelweiss Largecap Fund

7.ICICI Transportation and Logistics Fund

8.ICICI Balanced Advantage Fund

9.Kotak Smallcap Fund

10.Mirae Asset Bluechip Fund

These schemes have performed very well in the past year despite tough market conditions.
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