6 awesome benefits of using Credit Cards in India

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Hello friends, have you used a credit card recently. If not ,today I will give a walkthrough credit cards and the advantages of using a credit card.

          Credit card is a type of plastic money like debit cards. The basic difference in both the cards is that in debit cards we can use money that we keep in our bank accounts, but in credit cards we get a limit which we can use for shopping even if we don’t have money in our bank accounts.
              If we talk about India, the number of cards in circulation is nearly 6 crore and the amount of transaction done via cards is around 6 lakh crore in the last financial year. This is just 10% of the amount compared to the credit card industry in US.
The industry is growing at 25% Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) . The users of credit card are the people in age group of 21-40. It is not preferred by the people of old age groups.
           In the credit card industry in India, the majority of the market is dominated by only a few players like Hdfc Bank which has the highest market share of almost 25%. Then the second position is held by Sbi Cards https://www.sbicard.com/ which is a affiliate company of Sbi. It has a market share of almost 20%.

You must have heard that “credit card is bad”and “you should not use credit cards” but I am going to list out six advantages of using credit cards .

  • Discounts and offers- There are many companies providing credit card services like like Axis bank credit card https://www.axisbank.com/retail/cards/credit-card and ICICI bank cards and various other companies.These cards provide a number of benefits if it is used properly.
    • The first benefit is that the cards usually have a tie up with a number of outlets which provides attractive discounts on various products. It can be beneficial in the month end if ever there is a urgent need for payments.
  • Reward points- The second benefit is that there are also reward points on behalf of the bank which has issued the card which we get on spending a certain amount. They also provide the time ranging  from a few days to 3 months. They also tie up with airlines or railways for people who like to travel more.
    • In India, the card industry also got a push from the Digital India initiative taken by the government. People are moving to online platforms of payment and shopping. And credit card options are available, whether it is for online shopping or any petrol pump retailer.
  • Credit score- The third benefit of using credit cards is that it can also help in increasing your credit score and achieving financial freedom https://sidworld.in/5-ideas-for-financial-freedom/ .
    • The credit score of the person increases if he continues paying on time regularly for a long period of time and the credit limit also increases. The only advise of caution in using cards is not using it carelessly and buying only things you need.

It also helps in shopping at a discount and EMI facility is also available. In various festivals many products are available at a dicount only if you pay through credit card.

  • Wide acceptance-The fourth benefit is that it can be used for international transactions . Also ,in digital marketing https://sidworld.in/digital-marketing-in-india/ there are many tools which you can access only if you put in your card details.
  • Easy credit -The fifth benefit of using a credit card is easy access to credit. You can use the limit for your current expenses and pay later. It helps in rotation of money.
  • EMI facility – Many card companies also provide the facility of converting your outstanding dues into comfortable equated monthly installments.

The only condition on these cards is you have to spend carefully within a limit so that you can repay in time. If you are able to manage it carefully ,then it will be beneficial but if you spend more than your monthly income , you can fall into a debt trap.

The interest rates for these cards is usually among the highest. The interest rates on credit card is generally 30 to 40 % per annum.

This is because it is a type of loan without any collateral. So you have to be cautious that you do not over spend and fall in a debt trap https://www.moneytap.com/blog/debt-trap/. These card have many benefits but only when used cautiously.

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